Sterilizing Retort

Sterilizing Retort

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JINGYE Retort Sterilizer is a closed vessel that kills harmful bacteria by heat treatment to improve the shelf life of food, at the same time, as much as possible to preserve the flavor & nutrition.

There are three types of of JINGYE Retort Sterilizers: hot water spray type, hot water immerse type and steam type. We offer the best system for the customers depend on the their product.

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JINGYE Pressure Cooker is widely used in process of packaged food: such as canned sardine, tuna, vegetable, beef stew; pickles jars, vacuum pouch food, fruit jars, etc, 


1.Volume: 0.5m³, 1.2m³, 2.0m³,3.5m³,5.0m³,6.0m³,7.0m³;
2.Material: SUS304;
3.Voltage: 220/240/380/415V, customized;
4.Heating type: electric, steam;
5.Sterilizing type: hot water spray, hot water immerse, steam type;
6.Full-auto PLC with touch screen;
7.With trolley & tray inside, to hold product;


1. Separate control of sterilization temperature and pressure.Can meet a variety of packaging forms of sterilization requirements (iron cans, glass cans, flexible packaging, PP bottles, etc.), which not only improve the utilization rate of equipment, but also save unnecessary repeated investment;

2. The whole sterilization process adopts PLC automatic control, the heat distribution temperature in the kettle is controlled within plus or minus 0.5 degrees Celsius, saving energy;Equipped with F value measurement function;99 sterilization formulas can be stored;

3. The whole sterilization process is completed in strict accordance with the pre-set process formula automatically, and the formula is equipped with multi-level password to eliminate the possibility of misoperation.Ensure the safety of products.

4. Adopt double safety measures to realize automatic sensing control of temperature and pressure to eliminate potential safety hazards.

General Technical parameter table

Model Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Temperature
Test pressure (Mpa) Design pressure (Mpa)
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-0712 700 1200 147 0.44 0.35
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-0918 900 1800 147 0.44 0.35
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-1024 1000 2400 147 0.44 0.35
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-1230 1200 3000 147 0.44 0.35
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-1336 1300 3600 147 0.44 0.35
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-1436 1400 3600 147 0.44 0.35
JYS-DZ/P/S/C-1540 1500 4000 147 0.44 0.35

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